Mindful Meditation Classes

We have classes for Adults (age 11 +) and Children (aged 5 to 10), our classes are adapted to the needs of our students.


Teaching children mindfulness will enable your child to build self-esteem, manage stress, and approach challenges from a positive point of view.  You are also enabling your child to learn self-compassion and openness.


Meditation for children is about paying attention to what is happening in the present moment for them for example what they are feeling, hearing, or anything else they may notice.  Your child is not expect to reach a special place of calm or be able to clear their mind for your child it is about being honest and kind  about what they are feeling and experiencing. 

Meditation is a fantastic way to: relieve stress from your daily life,

* control negative thoughts
* calm an overactive mind. 
* learn to focus
* improve concentration
* gain self-confidence
* and more

Each week there is a different Meditation such as:Relaxing; 

Breath; Concentration;  Pain Relief;  Tension Release; Visual; Music; Object; Activity; Affirmation; Mantra; Rebalance your Energy; Focus on a problem; Chakras; Watching; Clearing, and Deeper States

Come along - relax, focus, make friends and improve your overall well-being.

The cost of the Class is:£8 per person per session or book 4 consecutive sessions for £28Attendance is by pre-booking only due to limited number of spaces.

To book or find out more please call on 01708 607 412. or Sykpe us at: live: cid.17ed72fd76eaa384

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