Room & Shelf Hire



Purple Pyramid is more than just a spiritual shop and practice, we are a wellbeing centre, that encourages all different types of therapies.


Our room is for hire daytime, evenings, and weekends if you are looking for a neat space to start a class, run a workshop or run your one to one practice then this room will fit your needs.


The room will comfortable fit 10 people and is approximately 9.5ft by 12 ft.


Room hire is as follows:

* £15 per hour

* 8 hours of hire £10 per hour

* price includes electricity and heating costs

* we have  toilet facilities

* small kitchen available

* TV which connects to a laptop for presentation

* Plus we will advertise your business and services on our website, facebook and         eventbrite accounts at no additional cost (for Regular hiriers).

Unfortunately, the premises do not lend itself to being wheelchair or disabled friendly, but that is not to say we will not try to accommodate if we can. 

We would suggest if you have any particular needs then please visit us to decide for yourself if our premises can accommodate you.









Renting a Shelf from us provides you with a share of an exciting brick-and-mortar retail environment where you are assigned your own choice of dedicated shelf.

We provide the sales staff to manage the shop and tend to your customers.

You are not expected to spend any time in the shops – leaving you to run and grow your business.

We keep track of what you’ve sold and deal with the finances ready for you to collect.

You set the retail prices and all the net profits are yours to keep.

We have two options available for renting our shelves which:

1) 1 shelf,  10% commission,  a webpage on our site, products available to buy via our webiste and facebook shop.




2) you can hire a shelf (or more) from £3 per week (minimum 4 week contract). Bespoke weekly advertising (in facebook, twitter and google business).  Plus a webpage on our site, products available to buy via our webiste and facebook shop.

From glass to ceramics, jewellery to artwork, clothing to toys, souvenirs to gifts, to well almost anything made within our catchment area – we showcase and curate your products in a low-risk, professional and supportive retail environment..

So if you are looking for an opportunity to start your own classes, treatments or sell new products – to test the market, then give us a call on 01708 607 412 or email us via our contacts page