Meditation Benefits

The medical evidence suggests that meditation can be particularly effective with insomnia, migraines, asthma, chronic pain, hypertension, allergies and recovery from illness.There has also been positive results with psychosomatic disorders of the skin, digestive tract and nervous system.  

Insomniacs and migraine sufferers are more likely to express faster and lasting results.  Meditation can decrease tension that triggers insomnia and migraines by 20%.  

It is believed that meditation can be useful for most ailments not just those listed above.

Meditation brings the whole body into in harmony, this is a slow process.  However, most meditators will notice a difference after 3 or 4 weeks in their general health and well-being.  There has been hundreds of medical surveys that support the health benefits of Meditation.Physical Benefits of Meditation.

With regular meditation, your physiology undergoes a change and your body is filled with more energy, which makes you happier, relaxed and enthused as your levels of energy increase. 

In addition the following should occur:
* Your high blood pressure is reduced
* Lower your levels of blood lactate i.e. reducing anxiety attacks
* Reduction in tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems
* Serotonin levels improve, which improves your mood and behaviour
* Your immune system is stronger
* Increases your energy level

With regular practice of meditation:
* Anxiety reduces
* Emotional stability improves
* Creativity increases
* Happiness increases
* Intuition develops
* Clarity and peace of mind
* Problems become easier to handle

Other Benefits of Meditation:
* You will gainSelf-confidence
* Self-awareness
* Peace with yourself

Muscular Tension -  Meditation releases muscular tension, which relieves pain, increases mobility and lets the body relax.  The breath, body fluids and the nerve impulses can flow more freely.​​Lowers High Blood Pressure  - the release in muscular tension makes the body more pliable. You heart does not need to work so hard to push your blood around your body.  Your blood becomes thick with cholesterol when you are stressed, when you relax your blood thins out.​
Stimulates the Immune System and increases the white blood cells  - the immune system winds down when the body is stressed, the healing process works best when the body is relaxed or sleeping.  Meditation speeds the recovery rates after illness or surgery.
Asthmatics/Hayfever -  Meditation opens constricted air passages which makes meditation particularly good for asthmatics or hayfever sufferers.
Digestive System, Skin and Brain  -  Meditation increases blood circulation to the digestive system, the skin, and the brain.  When we are stressed, our digestive system shuts down.  The blood supply is redirected into the big muscles for the “fight or flight” reflex.  Meditation reverses this, and the digestive system can function efficiently again.
Improved circulation - means the entire body receives nutrients better and removes waste products more effectively. The flow of blood to the skin and the outer layers can be directly experienced as a pleasant tingling when you are relaxed.  Hormonal Activity    The findings on this topic are a little complicated but basically the discovery’s have suggested that a meditator’s hormonal pattern is generally typical of someone 5 to 10 years younger than their current age.  Meditators often look younger than their age.

Balance  -  Meditation balances both the left and right side of the brain.  If one side of your brain is out of balance this can cause physical tension.
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