The Resin Angel

The Resin Angel

Handmade Organite Pyramids for your workspace and home, orgonite is a combination of metal/copper shavings, resin and crystals, it balances the electromagnetic fields, improves self confidence and acts as a shield to negative energy around you and the room and will amplify the energy of the crystals in it


The small resin Domes can be kept on you in person, held during meditation or even placed on your body to assist in clearing and blockages, they can also be placed around the home

Each piece is unique but will always contain Selente or Shungite mixed into the base of it

I then place them under a copper pyramid overnight to cleanse and charge it up ready for use (which is perfect on the full and new moon!)


If there is any Pyramid or Dome in particular you would like to order please let me know, please remember that as each one is unique colour and size may vary, it could also take 2-3 weeks as each layer takes approx 8 hours to complete