Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Having your reading done is not as scary as you may think and whether you choose Angel / Tarot or Mediumship Readings you will gain comfort, peace of mind and a sense of belonging.


Readings enable you to put your life into perspective, they enable you to see where you have been, where you are and potentially where you are going.


Please note we are currently taking online bookings two weeks in advance. 

Upon Booking don't forget to check out our discount packages. 
However if you would like an earlier booking, please call us on 01708 607 412


45-minute reading- natal chart- £60

1 hour reading- natal chart and transits £75 

1 hour & 15-minute reading- two people’s natal charts (synastry) £90


Mediumship / Angel & Tarot Readings

45-60 Minutes £40



30 minutes £45





Reading and Reiki 1 hour £70