All our courses run twice a year
dates are available when you book online or if you prefer you can give us a call.

Kate has  planned, organised and runs all the courses.  Some of her courses are Accredited by the CMA and by The CPD Group for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) with points allocated.  The accreditation by the CMA means the course are insurable should you wish to set up your own practice in Crystal Healing or run your own Meditation Practice.  
We have had confirmation from Balens Insurance that they will insure anyone (as per their terms and conditions) that wishes to set up their own practice  if they complete our Crystal Healing or Meditation Course. 


The courses have been designed in great depth to give you the knowledge and skill base that you need you to continue the practice on your own, join other classes or set up your own business with confidence.


Once you have completed the courses Kate is always here to support and help you.  She runs additional classes that you can attend to continue your development.

More about Kate and her Classes