Pendulum The Language

The workshop is for anyone who has worked with pendulums and has the basic knowledge of how they work.


This is a practical as well as a theory workshop, working with pendulums.  


This workshop is designed to build on your basic knowledge of dowsing by teaching you all the movements of a pendulum, working with your intuition, troubleshooting, understanding your energies.  


You will be taught a variety of techniques and will be working with a variety of charts and objects. There are a lot more exercises in this workshop to help you develop, build your confidence and trust in your abilities. Working with a pendulum will help develop your psychic / mediumship skills.


Expanding Language | Pendulum Directions | Programme Your Pendulum | Dos And Don’ts | Troubleshooting |No Movement At All? | Improve Success |

Checking For Direction | Check For Accuracy | Self-Tuning Exercise | Finding North Exercise | Finding Lost Objects


The workshop is in person, it is a day workshop approximately 6 hours long and incorporates a variety of exercises to enable you to be a proficient and confident dowser. In order to attend this workshop you will need to have worked with pendulums or attended our workshop Pendulums The Basics.


In order to develop in this field you will need to practice the exercises you are given.


The cost of the workshop is £75.

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