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Mediumship and Psychic Classes

Studying Mediumship/ Psychic Development you will grow and understand how spiritual development opens up a whole realm of realities that you may never have considered.

Mediumship / Psychic Development is all about:

  • Readings, Vibration, Aura, Crystals, Chakras and more.  

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and find out who they are.

  • Become more self-aware, confident and content.

  • Circle will teach you how to become a Medium / improve your skills. .

  • Being a Medium is not just about passing messages on from those that have passed over, it is also about self-development, spiritual growth and knowing your true self.

If Platform work is where you would like to get to, I run a Fledging Service every few months which gives you the opportunity to practice Platform Work to an audience, if you so wish.

The cost of the Circle is:

£10 per class  per person or book 4 consecutive sessions for £32

Attendance is by pre-booking only.

If you would like to join this circle please call on 01708 607 412.