Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing Diploma

Crystal Healing is an ancient therapy that is natural and non-invasive which can assist in the wellbeing of our mind, body and spirit.  

This is practical as well as a theory course, working with crystals.  You will learn about crystals, crystal healing procedures and the benefits, as well as having the opportunity to practice and receive a crystal healing therapy.  We will show you a variety techniques that will enable you to be an intuitive and confident Crystal Healing Practitioner and build up your own clientele. 

You will cover:

* What are Crystals? | * Crystal Shapes | * Benefits of Crystal Healing  | * Meditation | * Protection | * Grounding | * Clearing a Room | * Chakras | * The Aura | * The Meridians 
* How to Choose your Crystals | * Cleaning Crystals | * Cleaning method for your Crystals | * Energising Crystals | * Programming Crystals | * Basic Crystals Set | * Tips  
* Crystal Healing Procedure and Practice | * Crystal Healing - Contradictions| * Client's Expectations | *  Setting up a Business | *  Red Flag Symptoms | * Common Diseases

For the course you will also need to purchase the following Crystals, which we can supply.  We only have a limited number in stock at any one time so please order online or give us a call and we can order as needed.  Please note delivery is normally within a week subject to availability so best to give us as much notice as possible.

The crystals are:

Quartz Pendulum | Quartz Wand | Quartz Points x 10 | Faden Quartz | Selenite Wand | Charka Set (large tumblestone will suffice)

There is a link at the bottom of this page if you wish to purchase the crystals through us.

The course is in person, it is a one day training programme for beginners or existing therapists.  The course is approximately 6 hours. 

No previous experience required to attend.

Once you have completed the course you can set up your own business,  obtain insurance and have your own clients.

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