Physical Mediumship Development

Our physical mediumship classes includes seances, table tipping, automatic writing, spirit board, direct voice, rapping, levitation, materialization, transfiguration, apportation, precipitation, slate writing, trance channelling, spirit photography, pendulum dowsing, spoon bending and spirit rescue

For physical mediumship to be successful commitment is needed from the attendees to attend every classes at least once a month.  

Development can take weeks, months and even years so please be aware that you can sit for weeks with nothing happening.   On the plus, sitting in physical mediumship classes will improve your mental mediumship abilities.

In order to sit in these classes you need to have sat in a development circle for mental mediumship, as these will give you the understanding you need to sit for physical mediumship.


The cost is £12 per class and they run on the 3rd and 4th Wednesday of every month