Counselling / Coaching Services

Counselling Services


Counselling offers a non-judgemental, caring safe space to work on what is important to you.  At Purple Pyramid our purpose and passion is to support our clients in reaching emotional freedom from their past, present or future concerns.


Counselling provides the platform, our relationship is the key but, ultimately it is you that will do the work and we will be with you every step of the way. 


We will work with you, listen to you and help you make changes or improve your wellbeing,
meaning that you are comfortable, healthy and happy.



Coaching Services


Coaching is often associated with the work environment, improving performance at work, trouble-shooting or resolving high levels of stress (often known as executive or business coaching).


There are coaches who offer specialists coaching in areas such as: unpaid carers, couples, health challenges, mental health problems and life transitions and bereavement.


Coaching is about change and action. The core purpose of coaching is to increase self-awareness, to make choices explicit, and to close the gap between potential and how things are currently.



We will walk with you on your journey - listening, supporting and understanding


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