Naima Pearls

Naima Pearls

Hi there, I'm Jackie. For the last 40 years I have worked with pearls, starting out as a pearl stringer for a West End pearl wholesaler (supplying and stringing for the Royal Family and jewellers, Garrards, Aspreys and Hennels, to name but a few) and then for myself making and repairing pearl jewellery for many jewellers around the U.K.


Since becoming my own boss 35 yrs ago, I have taken great pride in my work and success. Making and repairing beautiful pearl jewellery is an absolute joy.


Every single item is different and every pearl is unique. I love everything about them. The fact that they require no polishing, cutting, or treatment to make them beautiful fascinates me. Their amazing lustre and perfect imperfections (If they have any) just add to their individuality.


I am now offering my own exclusive jewellery designs directly to you.


Some people think that pearls can be old fashioned, but my collection proves that statement incorrect. They can be worn at any time, on any occasion, and at any age. They are timeless, elegant, and full of natural beauty.


When I am not making my lovely designs, I write romantic mysteries. You can look me up on amazon. I have over 30 full length novels out. (Jackie Williams. Running Scarred, Silence of Scandal, A bed of Wild Roses and a lot more)

You can contact me by Email: or via Facebook | Etsy | Mademe