Bracelet 6mm - Agate Blue Lace

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Throat Chakra

Spiritual stone – allows higher spiritual truths

In addition to the generic  Agate properties:

Calming stone – allows for free expression of thought and feelings.

Neutralise – anger, infection, inflammation and fever.

Counteracts repression & suppression allowing for self-expression & removing the fear of not being judged

Mental stress, shoulder & neck issues, thyroid deficiencies. Throat & lymph infections.

Lowers fevers, removes blockages from nervous system, arthritic & bone deformity, skeletal system and fractures

Capillaries pancreas 


Generic information

Raises Consciousness; Spiritual Growth & Aura

Helps with emotional, physical & intellectual balance; accept oneself, builds confidence and self-analysis

Aids concentration, perception, analytic abilities as well as overcoming negativity, and healing inner anger.

Cleanses on an emotional and physical levels

Health: digestive process, relieves gastritis, heals eyes, stomach & uterus.  Lymphatic system / pancreas and blood vessels / skin disorders