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Crystals for PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the name for the symptom’s women can experience in the weeks before their period.

The most common symptoms of PMS include:

mood swings / feeling upset, anxious or irritable / tiredness or trouble sleeping / bloating or tummy pain / breast tenderness / headaches / spotty skin or greasy hair / changes in appetite and sex drive.

I have put together some crystals that can aid with some of these alignments


Carnelian – Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity. Aids lower back pain and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Citrine – increases blood circulation and detoxifies the blood, helpful for menstrual problems, balancing the hormones and enhances inner calm.

Labradorite – banishes fears and insecurities and the psychic debris of previous disappointments strengthening faith in your-self and the universe as well as balancing your hormones and relives menstrual tension and lowers your blood pressure.

Quartz Lodolite – is a gentle loving stone which emanates harmony and eases PMS and is an all round healing stone which can help with all aliments.

Moonstone –calms the emotions, balances your male and female energies, aids irrational impulses, female reproductive cycle, alleviates menstrual, tension and balances hormones.

Quartz – is a master healer, a pain reliver and will amplify the properties of other crystals around it.

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