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The loss of a loved one can be hard to bear as well as emotional taxing.  Crystals can help with the healing process by calming your emotions and easing your aching heart. as you move through the five of stages of grief.

The five stages of grief are:


Helps you to survive your loss as the world becomes meaningless and overwhelming.  Denial helps you to pace your feelings of grief, it is nature’s way of letting in only as much as you can handle. As you accept the reality of the loss and start to ask yourself questions, you are unknowingly beginning the healing process and becoming stronger.  


Anger is a normal and natural part of the grieving and healing process, not everyone experiences anger or even wants to engage with this emotion but, by being willing to feel your anger and not deny it the more it can be released and processed.


It is natural to turn to "if only" statements, you feel guilty and start to think that if you could have done things differently, our loved one would still be here. This is a difficult stage to go through so please at this remember to exercise self-compassion.


Depression represents the emptiness you feel when you are living in reality and realise that your loved one is never coming back.   It is common at this stage, to want to withdraw from society and from life in general, you feel numb or feel as if you are living in a fog.  When your loss finally sets in, depression is a natural phase to prepare us to accept the unacceptable


Acceptance means more good days than bad ones and being able to remember more memories without the upsetting emotions. You will never like this reality but, eventually you will learn to live with it.

Grief Bracelet

To help you with your loss the following stones are recommended


When you have lost someone or a pet it is normal to have feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or stress, which can make it difficult to continue with daily life. During times of grief, you may also have difficulty sleeping, perhaps as a result of these anxious feelings. Amethyst crystals have a soothing nature helping to settle the mind and reduce insomnia and nightmares.

Pink Rhodonite

Pink Rhodonite has a very calming aura, which can help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.  Can help to heal emotional wounds and will help bring an aura of love and warmth back into your home.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx helps us to access our inner strength and bring about transformation.

It supports you in times of loss by increasing your personal strength as well as providing centering and balance at a time when you can be susceptible to unbalanced behaviours.


Lepidolite is one of the best crystals for grief because it helps you through difficult times by revealing any positive outcomes that could come out of a loss, such as family members reuniting. It gives you a sense of wholeness to enable you to move through the stages of grief with less suffering.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most prized crystals for healing both physical and emotional pain as well as being an amplifier as it strengthens the healing properties of other crystals.  It works to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is commonly associated with feelings of love; however, it is also a useful crystal for grief.  Can help bring love into your life, help you feel accepted and supported during this sad time.  Your grief may cause you to lose sight of yourself, the motivation to care for yourself and can help you to foster a strong sense of self-love.


You may dissociate from the world around you, Moonstone can help you centre your mind and dissipate the feelings of numbness that often come from losing a loved one.  This stone is very calming which is known for its ability to ease feelings of shock and fear, thus allowing you to gently move through the grieving process at your own pace.