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Bracelet 8mm - Chalcedony Blue

£6.00 - £7.00
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As well as the generic properties of Chalcedony:

Opens the mind to assimilate new ideas / helps with acceptance of new situations /

Mental flexibility / verbal dexterity / enhancing listening skills and communication

Learn new languages and improves memory

Optimistically - to look forward

Improves self-perception

Aids regeneration of mucus membranes / ameliorates disease caused by weather i.e. glaucoma.

Anti-inflammatory / lowers / temperature / blood pressure

Lungs / Respiratory system


Generic Information:


Promotes brotherhood & goodwill enhances group stability.

Absorbs negativity & dispels it

Harmonizes – mind, body and spirit

Eases self-doubt & facilitates constructive inward reflection

Dissipates negative thoughts, emotions & bad dreams

Healing – Open sores / maternal instinct / increases lactation / improves mineral assimilation / combats mineral build up.

Helps with dementia / senility / increase physical energy / helps with your eyes / gallbladder / bones / spleen / blood / circulatory system