Bracelet 8mm - Anxiety

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Anxiety is a feeling of disquiet such as worry or fear which can be mild or severe.   We all feel anxious from time to time, however, it usually passes once the situation has passed.

Being anxious can make your heart race, you might feel sweaty, shaky or even short of breath. When your anxious you may see changes in your behaviour, such as being overly careful or avoiding people, events or situations that trigger your anxiety.

I have therefore put together a natural crystal bracelet to help calm your emotions that trigger your anxiety. 


Works on an emotional level by soothing emotional distress and easing worry and fear as well as dispersing negative energy and frustration.


Is extremely useful in the reduction of stress, it stops obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency.  Lepidolite contains lithium and is therefore helpful in stabilizing mood swings and enhances your ability to be in your own space free from the influence of others.


Is a useful “first aid” stone as it heals emotional shock and panic giving you a supportive energy during the process, and aids in clearing away emotional wounds from the past.  Transforms painful emotions such as resentment or anger and assists your with forgiveness.


Eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought, objectivity and truth.  Allowing you to be able to communication your feelings.  Sodalite calms the mind and releases old mental conditioning.  Balancing and calming panic attacks, releasing core fears, phobias and guilt.  Instilling self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Black Agate

Is a grounding stone bring balance to your mind, emotions and body.  It is calming and soothing stone that works slowly to bring great strength and allowing you to accept yourself, builds confidence and improves concentration. 


Enhances memory and original thought and brings the mind’s attention to survival needs and helps to sort out problems.  Helps you to come to terms with mistakes and to accept them as learning experiences rather than disasters

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