Bracelet 6mm - Agate Fire

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In addition to the generic Agate properties:


Calming bringing security and safety / supports during difficult times / Protects against ill-wisher – returning harm back to the source

Physically – aids sexual endeavours / fires up the base chakra and stimulates vitality on all levels.

Psychologically fireagate dispels fear & instills deep security / Encourages introspection bringing up inner problems for resolution / eliminate cravings & destructive desires / good for addiction

Healing – stomach / nervous & endocrine systems / circulatory disorder / Aids eyes, strengthening vision / hot flushes & removing heat from the body / vitality into the body


Generic Agate Properties

Helps with emotional, physical & intellectual balance; accept oneself, builds confidence and self-analysis

Aids concentration, perception, analytic abilities as well as overcoming negativity, and healing inner anger.

Cleanses on an emotional and physical levels

Health: digestive process, relieves gastritis, heals eyes, stomach & uterus.  Lymphatic system / pancreas and blood vessels / skin disorders